A new way of life

    I’ve think about it a long time ago to express my feelings in an own Blog. To come to this way was a long journey because my fears and anxiety came through the times. This what I’m concern about is was something inside me which I hide myself for many years. During the time , I realized that I was so close to my goal but stopped myself for the fact of consequences. To cut a long story short, as some of you know me, I wasn’t an ordinary girl or I’ve never look like an ordinary girl and I will never be like an ordinary girl. Thats why I…

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    I LOVE MY MORNINGS. Wake up, coffee, breakfast — I’m happy. Sundays are like all-day mornings for me, so you can fathom how much I love those. It’s all about comfort really, all about doing the things you love and relaxing as much as possible. MeUndies just launched a loungewear pant that is literally perfect for all of you out there who are 100% with me on the this. Lightweight, soft, flexible, you barely feel like you wear them. To be honest, without wanting to give you TMI, I never really walked around in more than my boxers at home, but since I got these I actually kinda fell in…

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    In diesem Augenblick leben 6.470.818.671 Menschen auf der Welt. Manche in Panik, manche kommen nach Hause, manche erzählen lügen, um den Tag zu überstehen, andere stellen sich jetzt der Wahrheit, manche sind böse und bekämpfen das Gute und manche sind gut und bekämpfen das Böse 6 Milliarden Menschen auf der Welt 6 Milliarden Seelen und manchmal braucht man nur eine Einzige

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    Life Is Adventure

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